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This is the official fan website for Yoshiaki Masuo, a Japanese-born New York-based great jazz guitarist, composer, arranger and producer.

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Since Oct, 1999

-- Recent Photos

There are photos of Masuo on Yoshiaki Masuo's Facebook page.

-- Spring & Autumn Tours in Japan Every Year

Masuo gets back to Japan every spring and autumn in recent years and stays for about three months each time to perform quite a number of shows at various venus. He formed his own band in 2012 for the first time in more than three decades, named "Power Spot". Then a new band "MAGATAMA" in 2016, and then "YOSHIAKI MASUO GROUP" early in 2023, which is still active (as of autumn 2023 ). Masuo also plays in various different coonfigurations with various musicians.
Japan tour dates information is basically available on the Japanese-language Schedule&News page of this site. But if you have any question about it, please contact website administrator Kaco.


-- Masuo's second album 24 (Twenty Four), recorded in 1970 is now back in print on CD! (released May 25, 2011)

24 Yoshiaki Masuo


I'm Glad There Is You
Yoshiaki Masuo and Bill Mays

ImGlad-2_120.jpg (12215 ???)

From Sunshine Ave. Label

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Life is Good -- Yoshiaki Masuo
featuring Larry Goldings and Lenny White

(recorded with many more musicians)
There is a review on Life is Good on the Smooth Jass site.

lifeisgood120.jpg (7713 ???)

From Sunshine Ave. Label

CD Price: $15 plus shipping cost ($3 per order per shipping address within the U.S ; $5 per disc outside of the U.S.)

Personnel: Yoshiaki Masuo (g, vo, keyb, perc), Shirley Masuo (vo, perc), Larry Goldings (org), Bill Mays (piano), Mark Soskin (keyb), Ted Nash (flutes), Marcus Printup (flh), T.M. Stevens (electric b), Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki (b), Nori Naraoka (b), Kip Reed (electric b), Lenny White (ds), Tony Cintron, Jr. (ds), Nathaniel Townsley (ds), Kazuo Yoshida (ds, perc), and others

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